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24. Use your blog as a platform for networking. Doing business on social media requires the same networking mindset required for offline networking. If you are building your business with social media tools like Twitter, you have probably noticed those people who use these platforms as places to push their products or services. Have you ever noticed that at parties, usually there is someone who has a crowd gathered around him or her? You will quickly find that bloggers are a generous and supportive crowd if you treat them with respect. Sometimes you will write your own post based upon a post you found on another blog. 30. Leverage your blog as a way to get speaking engagements to various offline groups and organizations.

Send this out with your resume, letters asking for speaking engagements or consulting proposals. You can take the strategy of “informational interviewing” to a new level by asking experts if you can interview them for your blog. When you do, trackback to that blog and build a conversation on the topic. Last week I wrote an article called, Social Marketing - Word of Mouth on Steroids about how to build "social capital" using social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and the rest. The main purpose of your site is to build an opt-in email list. How to use Twitter to drive targeted traffic to your site within weeks, not months.

If these older posts are still relevant, recycle them with tweets driving more traffic to them. Use Twitter to help people find your blog and drive traffic to your individual posts. 36. Use a service like blog2print or to compile some of your best blog posts into a hard copy booklet. Some of those common phrases, like "motivated seller" can work against you! If so, I can deliver exciting, hands-on workshops on how to finally use the internet to create more clients, without spending much money. The affiliates website will receive hits for the people who need to know about your products and they are more likely to visit your website to make a purchase. How to create “Push Button Money” by building a huge list of opt-in email subscribers who will buy from you again and again. Our role will be encouraged to invest to change the organization. The 1700 crore investment that Tata made in this project will be an eyeopener to many who are reluctant to put their money in R&D. These are people who have interesting things to say.

Some of those who were forced out accused Samsung of being unfair and using "trivial" justifications to give them the boot, the WSJ said. Twitter is like being at a big party. Would the members of your group like to learn how to attract more business using internet marketing tools (even if they don’t have a website)? The moment they start talking about how they like to have straighter and whiter teeth, we take down notes and through this we can create a good package of information and give it back and sell the treatment. Tell stories. Give valuable information. Tweet about the same kind of information. A good personal branding tweet will consist of two things: a headline to offer a benefit and grab attention, and a link pointing to your blog post. 21. Always have an opt-in form prominently displayed on your blog to capture your readers’ email addresses.