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First Time Buyers

  • Closing Costs On A Home Purchase

    But there’s one thing you can do to make the packing (and unpacking) process a bit easier: Get rid of whatever you don’t really need or want anymore. And getting a jump on the sorting process will give you time to label your items and make unpacking less hectic. You might even be thinking to yourself if this is the right time to buy a house. Whenever people i are something will be wrong, my partner and i try out a doctor for getting THE body checked, right? About the same time you have the inspection done, you’ll also need to get an appraisal to find out what your property’s worth. The cooling-off period is the length of time after purchase in which buyers can back out of

  • Hunting For A Automobile

    Missed or late payments can stay on your record for years, making lenders feel that granting you a mortgage could be a risk. If you have a satisfactory record with those payments, you may be able to get approved for a mortgage. In Northern Virginia, many first-time home buyers opt for a Fannie Mae loan with a 3 percent down payment requirement and no mortgage insurance. Have more questions about buying your first home? The ONE Street Company has an amazing team of loan officers and lending partners that can help answer any and all of your questions to figure out your best options with absolutely no strings attached. When is the best time to obtain a mortgage? Many of them want to know what their