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  • AI Will Transform The Logistics Industry

    I intend that the messages in my blog go to the top managers and agents of the life insurance companies. It will encourage healthy competition among the Insurance companies and skill of the fund managers will have utmost priority. In some countries, there is tax incentive for saving in an insurance policy or to create an educational fund for a child. In that situation, there are two grantors (husband and wife) and, therefore, the joint trust is not wholly owned by a single grantor. Look

  • AJR Newslink To U.S

    24. Use your blog as a platform for networking. Doing business on social media requires the same networking mindset required for offline networking. If you are building your business with social media tools like Twitter, you have probably noticed those people who use these platforms as places to push their products or services. Have you ever noticed that at parties, usually there is someone who has a crowd gathered around him or her? You will quickly find that bloggers are a generous and supportive crowd if you treat them with respect.