4 Free Time-Tracking Tools for Business OwnersTracking your time is one of the most rewarding habits you can pick up as a business owner.

Be honest: Are there days that go by when you have no idea where the time went — mostly because it feels like you haven’t gotten anything done? It could be just a matter of figuring out how your time was allocated. Instead of feeling bad about not meeting your goals or letting your to-do list grow to epic proportions, take control by recording what you’re doing throughout the day and how much time you’re spending on each task.

Tracking the time you spend performing tasks is one of the most efficient ways to boost productivity and put your day into perspective. Knowing how much time is spent doing what can give you a holistic view of how you can better budget your time, while helping you gain accountability for yourself and how you’re billing clients. Whether you’re a small business owner or a freelancer, here are four time-tracking tools to help you gain control of your workday. [6 Time-Saving Tech Tools For Entrepreneurs]

1. Toggl

Why you’ll love it: Toggl is super easy to use, and it’s also packed with handy features to help you see where you — and your staff’s — time is spent. First, start tracking time in two steps: Enter a task, and click Start. Then, click Stop when you’re finished, and your time is automatically recorded. You can also tag and color-code tasks for a more visual representation of your day.

Features: Toggl offers day-by-day breakdowns of your tasks and times, as well as breakdowns for your team. (Administrators can also set accessibility controls to maintain employee and team privacy.) Other breakdowns include detailed reports, such as summaries, weekly reports, billing rates, billable hours and more. Toggl is also API-friendly — this means you can easily integrate with other tools your business may already be using, such as online billing software Freshbooks, project management app Basecamp and Google Chrome Web tools. The desktop version of Toggl also features an activity-tracking tool called Timeline, which tracks breaks and computer activity to help you visualize gaps in your day, distractions and other periods spent off-task.

Who it’s for: Those looking for a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, free time-tracking app.

Availability: Web, desktop and mobile. Offline access with data syncing across devices is also available.

Applying for a Small Business Loan? Here’s What You’ll NeedWhether you’re expanding an existing enterprise or embarking on a new venture, securing a loan for your small business can help you turn your entrepreneurial dreams into profitable realities. But applying for a loan is a complicated process, one you’ll need to be ready for before approaching potential lenders.

Perhaps no one understands today’s complex small business lending landscape better than Sam Hodges, the managing director of Funding Circle USA, an online loan marketplace that connects small businesses looking for funding with non-traditional sources of capital (like individual investors and smaller funds). As the founder of a lending network and a former small business owner himself, Hodges knows the loan application process from both sides of the table.

In a recent interview with Business News Daily, Hodges shared some useful tips that small business owners should keep in mind when applying for a loan.

Don’t get lost in the fray

The first thing you’ll want to keep in mind when applying for a small business loan is that you have a lot of options. From SBA-secured loans to merchant cash advances to alternative lending options, getting a business loan no longer necessarily means paying a visit to your local bank. And while the multitude of loan options might ultimately be a good thing for entrepreneurs, it can also result in a lot of confusion.

“There are a lot of different products on the market,” Hodges said. “It’s really easy for a small business owner to get lost in the fray.”

To avoid getting in over your head with a business loan, Hodges recommends that small business owners ask themselves one simple question: Can they afford it? If taking out a loan will cost you more money that it’ll make you, it’s time to start rethinking your options. Not placing enough emphasis on a good return on investment is a mistake that Hodges says he sees business owners making all the time.

Explore The Potential Growth Opportunities With Reno Web Design

In addition you also need to have a backup plan in case your initiative does not come through for you as you hoped. We as people like consistency and if a marketer provides consistent service in addition to great products and price then we will keep on going back for years. The great thing about targeted marketing is that you will have a much better chance at getting customers since you will be advertising to the types of people who would most likely become customers. The same thing that's been there since someone in an ancient marketplace convinced his consumers that they should buy his olive oil instead of someone else's: psychology and persuasion. The basic principles, values, ad tactics of traditional marketing are still at the core of this innovative phase, there is a seemingly more insightful guise into the consumer behavior and target demographic.

Even the smallest mistakes can compromise the reputation of the company and alienate the target audience. It's amazing how much you can get down in an hour if you really put your mind to it. Simply narrow down what makes sense for you and your business and use your strengths to work out a plan. The company you are going to select for your marketing campaign should use the latest techniques and tools to research, tract data and make other marketing efforts. The external factors include economy, competition, atmosphere, transport system and solicitation of data to resolve special marketing issue. The observation of external factors that promote success or failure of a company is a most important marketing strategy.

When planning your strategy for Integrated Marketing Communication or IMC, you want to have dialogue with your customers by inviting interaction through the coordinated efforts of content, timing and delivery of your products or services. They do not want 'lip service', unrealistic promises, or misleading offerings. The risk that organizations face by treating their customers/clients unethically is too great to let this happen. The organization also makes the great mass of its money through government funding or from corporations. Professional marketers will achieve more with less money so even if the initial investment of hiring a professional marketer seems a bit expensive, it can help business owners save money in the long run.

The Power Of Direct Marketing!

The brand uses a careful blend of celebrities and models in their campaigns without relying much on their individual persona. Vanish uses the tagline " Trust Pink, Forget Stains ". It uses a blend of foreign and Indian models and themes for its campaign.Garnier ads can be termed as localized international advertising which has a global touch but does not appear alien to Indian realities. As advertising products, businesses get truly artistic with them also. Small BusinessSmall businesses have a much higher mountain to climb to gain visibility for their products or services. The smaller companies make products with the same ingredients as the large ones but without the large marketing budgets they can keep their prices lower. Erie must make a comparison to see what the other companies are promoting. Next time I'll doodle on the back before I turn it in so I can see how close my tasty buffalo shrimp sandwich with blue cheese, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, lettuce and tomato is to ready.

Thanks to a good assignment of activities and tasks, every member of the project can organize themselves better and complete the goals in the required time. Some campaign is better that nothing. The ad is for anew variant of Sunlight which is having orange extract which will make the clothes shine better. In order to make sure that we are on track, we have created a variety of key metrics for this marketing plan example. These small, deliberate steps to make your lawn mowing business more professional, will encourage your customers to stick with you. Their business is collecting, selling, and exploiting the details of our personal lives and our personal behavior. The premium positioning , smart pricing, heavy investment in brand promotion, innovative products and strong distribution reach has enabled this brand to create a special place in the Indian personal care industry. Garnier is positioned as a nature- based ( green) innovative personal care brand which takes care of your skin.

After three years, Logan is not a brand to reckon with but a brand whose future is a question mark ? Logan also is an example that shows how marketing is intimately blended with corporate strategy. The brand is an example of the success of rational product based advertising success. Another interesting marketing strategy adopted by Garnier is its advertising execution. More great marketing information can be found now at Extreme Affiliate Income. However, that complaint is now resolved. Sure. However, this picture is not entirely accurate. Whether these innovations fail or succeed, Garnier gains much equity through these steady stream of product launches. Also, no matter whether the outcomes will feed easily in the sales pipeline or not, or where resources are all prepared to capitalize on them or not, you can still very much implement your plans.

Closing Agency Atlantic Escort Agency

The marketers have to take some lessons from "Nightingale" brand ( discussed in my previous blogs) to make an impact. To take the popularity to ZooZoo to the next level, the brand also launched a campaign asking the public to contribute to the advertising campaigns by suggesting ideas. During the last IPL season, Vodafone hit upon such a wonderful advertising idea - The ZooZoo. Seldom does brands hit upon wonderful ideas that capture the attention of the consumers. It is important for the brands to capitalize every such wow factors to the maximum. Brands venturing into creating customer engagement must devise ways to create and maintain a higher energy level among the consumers.

Do tell us which among these are your favorite brands or you have worked with in the comment section below! Above The Line and Below The Line terms are centered around the word " LINE". Above the Line ( ATL) and Below The Line ( BTL) are the two most commonly used terms in marketing. The simple and most common definition for Above the Line promotions is that ATL refers to all promotional activities done by companies through mass media. In common parlance Advertising is the major ATL activity and all other form of promotions except direct marketing falls below the line. The big ideas can come in the form of a tagline, a celebrity, a brand mascot, a product feature or an advertising idea. Recently NR sons have launched a new brand Lia with trendy packaging and good advertising. The brand acts as a facilitator rather than the expert. Since the price is less, there is little scope for brand loyalty.

This market is unattractive because of high labour cost and lack of possibilities of differentiation and price sensitivity. Cycle brand has established itself in the market with some good marketing campaigns with emphasis on quality and fragrance. The entry of ITC can be a positive factor also since the marketing effort will expand the market and thus Cycle brand will also benefit. If we want to do a 'commercial', we can put a video on our site or YouTube for free. For example a viral video in Youtube which is watched by millions of netizens can be theoretically put as a BTL but it is reaching even more people than the traditional media like TV and print.