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The marketers have to take some lessons from "Nightingale" brand ( discussed in my previous blogs) to make an impact. To take the popularity to ZooZoo to the next level, the brand also launched a campaign asking the public to contribute to the advertising campaigns by suggesting ideas. During the last IPL season, Vodafone hit upon such a wonderful advertising idea - The ZooZoo. Seldom does brands hit upon wonderful ideas that capture the attention of the consumers. It is important for the brands to capitalize every such wow factors to the maximum. Brands venturing into creating customer engagement must devise ways to create and maintain a higher energy level among the consumers.

Do tell us which among these are your favorite brands or you have worked with in the comment section below! Above The Line and Below The Line terms are centered around the word " LINE". Above the Line ( ATL) and Below The Line ( BTL) are the two most commonly used terms in marketing. The simple and most common definition for Above the Line promotions is that ATL refers to all promotional activities done by companies through mass media. In common parlance Advertising is the major ATL activity and all other form of promotions except direct marketing falls below the line. The big ideas can come in the form of a tagline, a celebrity, a brand mascot, a product feature or an advertising idea. Recently NR sons have launched a new brand Lia with trendy packaging and good advertising. The brand acts as a facilitator rather than the expert. Since the price is less, there is little scope for brand loyalty.

This market is unattractive because of high labour cost and lack of possibilities of differentiation and price sensitivity. Cycle brand has established itself in the market with some good marketing campaigns with emphasis on quality and fragrance. The entry of ITC can be a positive factor also since the marketing effort will expand the market and thus Cycle brand will also benefit. If we want to do a 'commercial', we can put a video on our site or YouTube for free. For example a viral video in Youtube which is watched by millions of netizens can be theoretically put as a BTL but it is reaching even more people than the traditional media like TV and print.

For example, designers and editors can work on the same file together through an efficient workflow. For example, in the fashion industry, comfort, style, material, color, symmetry, and usability are just the beginning of a list of elements designers must consider when developing a line of clothing. Events are highly publicized using advertising, so the LINE is actually non-existant. Below The Line promotions include sales promotions, consumer promotions, PR, events , point of purchase promotions and all those unconventional tools that marketers adopt. Consumer driven brand communities are the results of such an engagement. Now we see consumer promotions heavily advertised in mass media.