What kind of business will be successful coming out of this recession?

And, how do we build it?

That is the big question for every entrepreneur who is either starting up now – or already on the journey.

So, what will happen… and what do we do about it?

The end of Jobs

Firstly, jobs – they aren’t making these any more. The statistics show this to be true – UK self-employment has grown strongly to over 1m in the past couple of years, whilst PCG – the trade association for freelancers – estimates that there are 1.4m freelancers in the UK (excluding casual trades such as construction or hotel workers).

Equally, the US jobs market has demonstrated that despite the economic bounce following the near catastrophic fall in 2008, there has been no over all increase in the number of jobs.

Similarly, anecdotal evidence points to the fact that the US is rapidly becoming a freelance economy too with a sharp rise in the number of people opting for a freelance lifestyle.

Okay, so from this, we can see that the end of jobs is near – the opportunities of the future will not be salaried positions but something different.

Where Social Media Is Headed In 2019

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Discussing Your Workout Strategy With Your Family Practitioner

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The Logic Of Brand Extensions

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10 Reasons A Business Must Build A Digital Marketing Strategy

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