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It’s important for Dollar Tree to hear from guests like you, your feedback helps make Dollar Tree the best shopping experience possible! If you visited Dollar Tree recently and want to tell something to them, just visit the website and follow the instructions to complete the Dollar Tree Customer Feedback Survey which should only take 5-8 minutes.

Click here to enter the survey

What you need to enter the survey?

You need to provide some information found on your Dollar Tree receipt.

What can you get through the survey?

After you complete the survey, you’ll receive 10 chances to win $1000 daily. Plus you can instantly win other great prizes valued at $1500 weekly.

How to complete the Dollar Tree Survey?

1.  Open the survey website, select the language you would like to take the survey.

2.  On the next page, choose the type of your Dollar Tree receipt.

3.  Then enter the Survey Code, Store Nummber, Total Amount Spent,Date of Visit, and Time of Visit and click on the “Next” button.

4.  Answer the survey questions one by one.

5.  At the end of the survey, you’ll be eligible to enter their sweepstakes.

About Dollar Tree:

Dollar Tree, Inc. is an American chain of discount variety stores that sells items for $1. Some of the product departments you’ll find at Dollar Tree include housewares, glassware, dinnerware, cleaning supplies, candy, snacks, food, health and beauty, toys, gifts, gift bags and wrap, party supplies, stationery, craft supplies, teaching supplies, books, seasonal décor, and more! Everything you need for every day, every holiday, every occasion… and every single item is only $1 (or less)!

Every Dollar Tree store is bright and well lit, clean and well organized, and stocked with endless hidden treasures!

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    Dollar tree # 4064 in leitchfield ky the nastiest store I have ever been in. The workers there are rude and the manager has a nasty attitude. I would not recommend this store to anyone they allow animals in this store and they sale food. There carpet looks like someone used the restroom on it. Nasty, nasty nasty,

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    I always find everything I need and more and more when I shop at the dollar tree store. I especially like the card section with such good variety. I buy all my cleaning supplies here too. This store ranks ten as far as dollar stores. The employees are very helpful and they don’t look putout about having to help you!!!! Thank you!!!!

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    I also do the surveys weekly for years and have never recieved a thing in return so I got on here, the site they claim will show who the latest winners are and there are no options to show any. Dollar Tree is my favorite store and I shop here at least once a week. I also have come across A LOT of rude, slow working, lazy employees. Am wondering who is training them and keeping track of their work, as it seems no one cares. There is ALWAYS a huge line with one open register and that employee couldn’t possibly work any slower. I’m not sure who is hiring these people or keeping an eye on them but the owners need to be aware of this and get more involved b/c it sounds like from all these comments they have way too many poor, lazy, rude employees and their stores are going down the drain unfortunately b/c like I said this is my all time favorite store where I spend way too much money at.

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    Today I went into Dollar Tree on 912 NE 28 Ft. Worth,TX I asked the cashier do I take my bags with me or do I leave them at the front she said I could leave them with her so I did but when I was through shopping I asked her where were my bags she told me that another customer took them not trying to find the customer the manager came and told me there’s nothing he can do, maybe they would bring them back I said are you crazy school starts Monday who would bring back school supplies. So I ended up losing 15 Worth of supplies from Walmart I hope corporate reads this a handle this situation cause it’s the cashier fault for not stopping the customer with the bags.

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    Purchased a few items from Store# 4356, cashier was Linda. She asked me if I wanted to donate an school supply for the Military children. I stated I would purchase 5. Linda left the register and returned with 5 composition note books, she then proceeded to tell me my total would be $12.06. She did not ring up the note books and my receipt was only for $6.56. When I got to my car, she came out of the store to explain why my receipt was for only $6.56, stating she forgot to ring up the notebooks. I did not notice my receipt was for $6.56 until she mentioned it. I honestly believe she is stealing from the store, because she did not produce a receipt for the additional 5 notebooks.

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    The Dollar Tree on 81st and Cicero is my neighborhood store and I am ashamed to shop here. I am a supervisor at another retail store and when training my associates, I actually use this store as an example of what NOT to do and how we should NEVER treat our customers. The staff at this store is so rude, unprofessional and have this I hate my life type of attitude. Need I remind them that customers is the reason why they even have a job in the first place and the reason their store is open. I stopped shopping here because of the poor service and I was reminded today of that. The young cashier with the messed up teeth was on her cell phone texting and the customer in front of me had to ask her, was she open, because she gave no eye contact and could care less about the line building up in front of her. Then an older associate, Joyce, decided to jump on the register and flagged me over and I’m thinking okay good, a mature women who knows about proper service. SIKE!!! She didn’t greet me at all, didn’t smile, almost like she was doing me a favor and I was irritating her by even shopping there. Then once I paid and she was handing me back my change, I gave her a big smile and she made eye contact with me and didn’t say NOTHING. No have a nice day or anything. This world is truly going down the drain when people do not know the meaning of great customer service and work in a field with nothing but CUSTOMERS. And by the look of the comments I’ve read, this isn’t the only Dollar Tree with exceptionally poor service. The suggestions I have on how to get better is simple, its starts with management. A lot of great stores have closed down because of poor management. It’s not the associates fault because they are just doing what their being ALLOWED to do. Management has to set the standards and if those standards aren’t followed, then they need to be held accountable. It is never okay to treat any customer like dirt or scum at the bottom of your shoe. This Dollar Tree and the whole franchise needs to step their game up and become the family environment that they once were.

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    I love shopping at Dollar Tree. I call myself the Dollar Tree Queen. I just wanted to know why the Whiteville NC store #409 can only get the sugar sprinkled coconut cookies sometimes. Could you please let them receive them on a regular basis.

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    Im a disabled Army Veteran who frequents the Anderson California dollar tree on Balls Ferry Road. I had an important morning meeting and my hair was badly greying and I needed some brown hair color for an affordable quick fix and didnt have much time or money. So I stopped by to get in and out conveniently and get an early start and the store was not open yet and shouldve been, but the 8am manager was terribly late..over a half hour. The workers were there and couldnt get in. I called dollar tree corporate and it took a further 15 min and didnt even receive an actual dollar tree employee…just an operator answer service. Forca fortune 500 corporate company, this was lousy accountability. Just shows a sad trend in our corporations in America. But thankfully the Anderson store secondary manager Sandra got up and immediately came in to save tge day and cover for the other irresponsible manager and accounting for the overpaid corporate suits who cant be reached. This young woman and others like her are the reason why we havent taken our business to other wholesale retailers and why America is still in the fight. Thank you Sandra. I think someone in corporate needs to switch salarys with Sandra as her and others like her are the real reason this store continues to flourish and why our country still has hope..

    Sincerely..J.D. McCoy ( U.S. Army Retired)

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    i shopped at store#2009, 5508 mc clellan blvd. anniston, al. on 19 september 2015 and when i paid for my purchases i left my small purse with money in it on the counter. when i discovered my mistake i went back to the store and upon entering i was told they had my purse and it was brought to me instantly. i want to thank the lovely ladies that work there for their kindness and helpfulness and for caring for a visiting old lady! thank you, thank you–shirley v. smith

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